Skyrim NPCs can now reject your marriage proposals

Skyrim NPCs can now reject your marriage proposals, thanks to a new mod.

In the 11 years since Skyrim’s (opens in new tab) release, fans have created all manner of mods that alter Bethesda’s behemoth RPG in fun and interesting ways. So far, we’ve seen Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system added to Tamriel, a “complete overhaul” of the religion system and, most importantly, the ability to pet dogs. Now there’s even a mod that lets NPCs be more discerning when it comes to marriage proposals.

With the Immersive Rejections mod (opens in new tab), instead of just blindly saying yes if you happen to pop the question, NPCs can outright reject you if they don’t feel the same way. The rejections are fully voiced, with around 100 new lines of dialogue being added.

Depending on how much an NPC likes you, they can be harsh or kind with their responses. Some will let you down gently by saying things like “I’m sorry. I’m not interested” or “Sorry, we’re better off as friends”. Others, however, can be downright brutal about it, with rebuffs such as “Dear… you’re embarrassing yourself. Get away from me!” and “Woah! Not even I’m that drunk!”

Just like in the standard version of Skyrim, you need the Amulet of Mara to ask for an NPC’s hand in marriage. But there’s no need to worry if they say no, as it won’t affect your relationship with them. “The dialogue is just for fun, there is no penalty for asking them to marry you, they will not like you less”, explains the mod’s creator, JaySerpa (opens in new tab).

You can download the Immersive Rejections mod now through NexusMods, or see it in action, with a whopping 9 minutes of nothing but rejections, in the video below.

In other Skyrim news, a leaked rating by the Taiwanese game rating board suggests Skyrim Anniversary Edition could be making its way to Nintendo Switch.

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