The Elder Scrolls 6 fan is killing Skyrims most annoying character every day until it launches

A Skyrim player is killing its most annoying NPC every day until The Elder Scrolls 6 releases.

That Skyrim character would, of course, be none other than Nazeem, esteemed citizen and rampant airhead of Whiterun. Just below, you can check out a video of the player in question slaying the annoying character after he utters one of his most most notoriously obnoxious lines.

Right now, the player in question, Sidek, is up to day 138 of repeatedly killing Nazeem. You can head over to their YouTube channel for proof of their twisted dedication to the cause of brutally ending Nazeem’s life, which they sure have stuck to religiously so far.

Well, they’re sure going to have to keep this up for incredibly long time yet if they actually want to make it to the release date of The Elder Scrolls 6. Who knows, maybe we’ll be sat in here in roughly five years time marvelling at how this one user has murdered Nazeem in Skyrim well over a thousand times.

If this does keep going until the release date of The Elder Scrolls 6, we’re probably looking at another four/five years minimum. Back in November, Bethesda chief Todd Howard hinted we could be waiting until 2026 at the minimum for the sequel, given Bethesda’s development schedule. Assuming an autumn release window similar to Skyrim’s, that’ll amount to a total of nearly 1,900 dead Nazeems.

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