New horror movie Smile is freaking people out with its “terrifying” trailer

The first trailer for new horror movie Smile is grabbing everyone’s attention – including an all-timer of a final jump scare.

After witnessing one of her patients die in bizarre circumstances, Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) is suddenly confronted by a horrible evil that makes those who get close to it smile and then die – and Rose could be next. 

As a premise, it’s deliciously simple. The trailer also showcases just enough gore, suspense, and mystery to hook you and then reel you in. It’s already got horror afficionados buzzing on social media too.

“I will never sleep again, so there’s that,” said one on Twitter (opens in new tab). Another simply called it (opens in new tab) “absolutely terrifying.” It’s already getting under the skin of some in a major way too, with one writing (opens in new tab), “Twitter please stop promoting the Smile horror movie on my feed, I can’t take another heart attack.”

It’s also being described (opens in new tab) as “the only threat to [Jordan Peele’s Nope] for what could be the best horror movie of the year.” But it’s the final moments – which we won’t spoil here if you haven’t seen the trailer yet – that will live long in the memory.

“That last shot in the #SmileMovie trailer is scarier than half the horror movies to come out in recent years,” wrote one (opens in new tab). Another said (opens in new tab), “I wasn’t fully sold on it being that scary, but goddamn that lost shot threw me for a loop.” One viewer even said (opens in new tab) they “had to call [their] mum in tears.”

Smile, starring Sosie Bacon, Kyle Gallner, and The Boys’ Jessie T. Usher is set for release on September 30. Need something else to scare you silly? Here are the best horror movies ever made.

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