Somehow the Xbox Series X is still in stock at Walmart

Although there hasn’t been any official Xbox Series X restocks this week, there are a couple of places you can pick up the console. Most notably Walmart (opens in new tab) – they still have the console in stock at MSRP for everyone at $499. 

Last week we saw Walmart offer the elusive console to everyone, and it still hasn’t sold out for some miracle. If you’re still looking for an Xbox Series X, we’d head here quick. Past Xbox Series X restocks were only exclusively for Walmart Plus Members, and the only stock Walmart offers the general public tends to be via the All Access route. 

However, if Walmart does run out before you can get to this drop, Target (opens in new tab) has always been known to have stock of the Xbox Series X in-store, so it’s always worth checking out your local stores to see what they have in store for you. Target is also one of the only stores that do not require you to have a membership or subscription to pick up a current-gen console, making them the retailer to watch when trying to grab yourself a console. 

There’s no word yet from Amazon (opens in new tab) on any Xbox Series X restock plans, though with a PS5 restock underway that could all change at the drop of a hat. The retailer has not had a single drop in 2022 for the Series X, with their last drop being last December. Amazon has not been too great on the current-gen console restock side as they have only had two drops for the PS5 so far. Let’s hope they have something for anyone still hoping to get a Series X from them. 

Lastly, Microsoft (opens in new tab) usually does monthly drops of their invite-only Xbox Series X restock, and as this month comes to a close, it may be possible that they could have something in store for us next week. Their last restock was March 2, suggesting that the early days of April could have something in store for us. 

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Xbox Series X | $499 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Walmart is still offering the Xbox Series X for everyone right now. This is still a big deal as they have usually be reserved for Walmart Plus members due to limited stock. Snag one if you’ve still be waiting to grab your hands on the console. 

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Our Xbox Series X restock tips

1. Check in-store

Target has been know for having some stock of the Series X in store. Defiantly go check out your local stores to see if they have anything in store for you.

2. Sign Up to the Microsoft Store

If you’re feeling lucky, you can always sign up to the invite only way via Microsoft. Many people have found success this route. You never know you may get an email sooner than you think

3. Consider a membership

Although Walmart are currently offering the console to everyone as well as other retailers like Target also not needing a membership, the trend of membership and subscriptions is still a think for most retailers, so considering one may be an option. 

Check for Xbox Series X stock today

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