Someone rescued an abandoned PS3 from a swamp, and now theyre trying to save its life

A PS3 has been recovered from a swamp by a Reddit user, now they’re scrambling to try and restore the console. 

As shared in the PlayStation subreddit (opens in new tab), a series of events has led to the discovery, and retrieval, of a PS3 console that was abandoned in a swamp. Originally starting out as a post from u/WxmTommy95 (opens in new tab), who shared that they had found the console, led to a comment from another Reddit user u/ThatWasTayla who said that they’d go grab it (opens in new tab) after finding out the swamp in question was located in Gold Coast, Australia.  

saw_this_on_my_walk_today_poor_thing from r/playstation

Staying true to their promise, ThatWasTayla actually did go find the swap and eventually dig out the PS3 from its watery grave. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get the miracle ending we’re all hoping for though, as in the comments of the post (opens in new tab), the PS3 rescuer shared: “[It’s] not looking good tbh. After days of heavy rain the whole thing was completely submerged and likely was beforehand.”

a_week_ago_i_saw_a_post_of_an_abandoned_ps3_left from r/playstation

Unfortunately, “[It] looks like it had been there a while, the ports are all rusted and there’s mud leaking from the vents.” Tayla did, however, say that they’re planning to “pull it apart and try to clean it” the best they can.

There’s a problem with this though, as an update on this comment reveals, ThatWasTayla can hear something crawling around inside of the PS3, and it hasn’t been confirmed what it is yet. The comment section does however suggest it could be a type of crustacean.

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how this console ended up in the swamp, but there were a few suggestions as to how it might have got in there elsewhere in the comments. “Damn someone must’ve rage-quitted hard,” one comment (opens in new tab) read, with another suggesting that the game to cause such a reaction must have been FromSoftware’s Dark Souls. 

There were also some not-so-helpful tips for ThatWasTayla as to how to get the console up and running again. “Put it in rice,” the top comment (opens in new tab) suggests, whilst others compared the operation to some kind of animal rescue. There was one user that wasn’t entirely pleased with the console rescue though, pointing out that ThatWasTayla just stole Shrek’s PS3 (opens in new tab)

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