Sonic Frontiers gameplay shows shows Shadow of the Colossus-style boss fights

A brief new bit of Sonic Frontiers gameplay has arrived, with some glimpses at normal combat, open world exploration, and a major boss fight in the upcoming game.

This 30 second clip is a preview for an IGN First (opens in new tab) cover story, and the outlet will have an array of additional coverage on the game throughout the coming month, starting on June 1.

The most intriguing bits of the new footage are the boss fights. Large robotic creatures appear to be wandering the open world, and as one’s foot crashes down to the ground, Sonic runs up its leg like a ramp and starts bashing a glowing weak point on top of its body. We see a couple of different robots exploding into bits, and the scale of these automatons makes the game look a bit like a less somber Shadow of the Colossus.

Combat against normal enemies looks to include an array of moves you can string into combos. We see Sonic circle an enemy, launch it into the air, and then deliver what looks like a series of mid-air spin dash attacks.

We also see Sonic activating a giant ring by running in it like a hamster wheel, which then sends out a large ping – perhaps a Ubisoft-style tower that shows nearby points of interest?

Sonic Frontiers was officially announced at The Game Awards last year. While that trailer featured plenty of in-game footage, it was mostly big vista shots of scenery and the big explorable world. Today’s clip marks our first real look at the game in action.

Expect a whole lot more info on big games over the course of June as the E3 2022 schedule kicks off.

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