Sony unveils Inzone gaming monitor and headset line with PS5 bonus features

Sony has officially unveiled its Inzone gaming hardware line of gaming monitors and headsets, which will be compatible with PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

There are two models of Inzone gaming monitors, both set to launch in 2022. The M9 is a 4K, 144Hz screen priced at $899 and set to launch this summer. The M3 is a 1080p, 240Hz option priced at $529 and scheduled for release this winter.

Both monitors are IPS panels with 1ms response times, and support variable refresh rate on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. As you’d expect from high-end gaming monitors, they also support adaptive sync, Nvidia’s G-SYNC tech on PC, as well as HDR.

The monitors offer a pair of bonus features on PS5, as well. Auto HDR tone mapping will automatically optimize your HDR settings for the monitor. The auto genre picture mode will automatically swap back and forth between the low-latency game mode and the picture-enhancing cinema mode based on whether you’re gaming or watching video on your console.

The Inzone gaming headphones come in a variety of options. The H3 is a $99 wired headset, the H7 goes wireless for $229, and the H9 offers wireless support and digital noise canceling for $299.

The Inzone headphones have their own spatial audio tech, though like any other set they’ll also support PS5’s Tempest 3D Audiotech. The headphones will offer some direct compatibility with PS5, letting you check your connection and battery level, adjust your game and chat balance, or mute your microphone directly from the console interface.

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