Sora from Kingdom Hearts is in a Taco Bell commercial, that makes sense

Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora has made an unexpected cameo in a new Taco Bell commercial, and fans can’t believe what they’re seeing. 

As highlighted by several Kingdom Hearts fans, including Twitter user @aitaikimochi (opens in new tab), Taco Bell has released a new commercial advertising its recently released Mexican Pizza dish, and Sora gets a mention in the jingle. 

A few seconds into the ad, the line: “We eating all our order, key to my heart like Sora” can be heard. Although it’s only a brief mention, there’s no doubt that the advertisers working on this campaign were making reference to the Square Enix protagonist. You can see it for yourself below. 

So uh…Kingdom Hearts is trending because Sora’s in a new @tacobell commercial…hard to explain, just watch this video 🤪🌮 22, 2022

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As expected, fans were completely dumbfounded by Sora’s mention in the advert with several taking to Twitter (opens in new tab) to share their shock and a series of hilarious memes. This even includes @aitaikimochi who also shared this meme (opens in new tab) of Sora working behind the Taco Bell counter due to the suspected high cost of his $1.2 million apartment in Tokyo – as seen in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer. 

The recent Kingdom Hearts weirdness doesn’t end there though. Over the same weekend, it was also revealed that Sora makes an extremely brief cameo in the new Disney+ film Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers (opens in new tab). During one scene, fans have spotted not one but two references to the spikey-haired keyblade wielder. Speaking of, the two references are Sora’s iconic hairdo and the equally as recognizable Kingdom Key. 

SPOILERS FROM NEW CHIP AND DALE MOVIE:LETS GOOO. Was watching the new Chip & Dale movie which is STUFFED with tons of easter eggs from not only Disney movies but from other movies too! THEY GOT 2 KINGDOM HEARTS EASTER EGGS HERE. Sora’s hair and the Kingdom Key! I’m so happy. 21, 2022

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Despite being one of Square Enix’s biggest IPs, it’s always a surprise to see references to the game in other media. In 2022 alone, references to the JRPG were spotted in Disney’s The Proud Family revival (opens in new tab) as well as in the Disney+ film The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse (opens in new tab). Here’s hoping we see more not-so-subtle cameos leading up to the release of Kingdom Hearts 4. 

In even weirder Kingdom Hearts news, it turns out Goofy’s English voice actor didn’t even know Kingdom Hearts 4 was happening until a fan told them. 

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