Stardew Valley mod expands Adventurers Guild with new romanceable NPCs and a friendly monster

A new Stardew Valley mod lets players expand the Adventurer’s Guild with new quests, story events, and romanceable NPCs. It will even let them take a friendly monster home.

The Adventurer’s Guild Expanded mod is available via Nexus Mods (opens in new tab) and was developed by modder SUPERT – who is also responsible for the Stardew Valley date night mod

As the title suggests, this mod adds more content to the Adventurer’s Guild part of the farming sim. Once downloaded, players will have the likes of new quests, 30+ story events, two new romanceable NPCs, and the ability to recruit a friendly monster to live on your farm (which might be the highlight, honestly). 

According to the mod’s creator, players first need to have played at least 15 in-game days worth of Stardew Valley as well as have completed the Adventurer’s Guild initiation. Once this is done, players will then be able to trigger a new event at the Guild and have the chance to complete the ‘Expanding the Guild’ request. This will then unlock the ‘Monster Research Wing’ of the Guild and introduce the two new NPCs, Marlon’s niece and nephew.

Speaking of Marlon’s family, Zinnia and Gabriel are just two of the NPCs added to Stardew Valley via the Adventurer’s Guild Expanded mod. Both characters are romanceable with tips on how to woo each of them located on the Nexus Mods page. There are also a few other NPCs that can be introduced with the mod including Zinnia and Gabriel’s parents Daisy and Daniel as well as Silly the slime. 

On the topic of slime, arguably the most enticing part of the Adventurer’s Guild Expanded mod – to me anyway – is that it gives you the ability to befriend a monster and take it back to your farm with you. As mentioned above, Silly is the friendly monster in question and can be invited to live underneath your farmhouse once you’ve completed the Zinnia path of the ‘Slime Research’ questline and reached 10 hearts with the little gooey-guy. 

This is just one of many great mods for Concerned Ape’s wildly successful sim. Take a look at our best Stardew Valley mods list to find other ways to shake up your farm. 

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