Stardew Valley modders are going to war over Grandpas deathbed in the opening cutscene

A new trend within the Stardew Valley modding community has officially begun and it involves making some questionable (but hilarious) alterations to Grandpa’s death bed.

The context might be important for this one so if you’re new to Stardew Valley, this is basically what the Grandpa bed mods are all about. As soon as you boot up Stardew Valley for the first time, players are presented with an old guy lying in what looks like an incredibly cosy bed. It then turns out that this is actually Grandpa’s death bed as he gives the player a letter asking them to watch over their farm after they shuffle off this mortal coil, officially kicking off the farming sim.

The meme originally started in the Stardew Valley Reddit (opens in new tab) (as these things usually do) and we’ve now seen a number of reimaginings of the game’s intro which sees Grandpa in a number of different scenarios.

grandpas_intro_a_nexus_mod_saga from r/StardewValley

As you can see from the embedded posts below, we’ve got the likes of simple alterations made to Grandpa’s bed, Grandpa in the family guy death pose, a version of Grandpa without a bed who looks like he may have died a few days prior to the game’s intro, a version of Grandpa who has wet the bed, and even one where there’s no Grandpa at all. 

Modding is nothing new in the Stardew Valley community with players crafting so many clever, useful, and just downright weird mods for the farming sim. We recently discovered a visually impaired player who was able to enjoy Stardew Valley with a number of accessibility mods. There’s also a mod that leaves all the farming work to little robots, another that lets you take your NPC spouse on regular dates in the game, and one that turns Stardew Valley into Haunted Chocolatier – the developer’s upcoming game. 

Looking for other, not so dark, ways to spice up your farm? Take a look at our best Stardew Valley mods for inspiration. 

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