Stranger Things actor says season 4, part 2 is even bigger than the first seven episodes

Stranger Things actor Jamie Campbell Bower has teased the sheer scale of season 4’s final episodes, which are set to hit Netflix on July 1.

“It gets bigger. If you thought that it was as big as it could get, it’s not,” Bower, whose mystery character was fully revealed in season 4 Volume 1’s finale, teases to Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab).

“It goes further, visually, story-wise, and emotionally for all the characters. It really is quite an explosive climax, let’s say,” Bower says. “I know lots of people have used the word explosive and scope and scale, but I do mean that. It goes a lot further and we get to know more as well. We learn a lot more as an audience in these final two episodes, as well.”

Stranger Things season 4 is not only going further thematically – Volume 2’s runtime also outstrips everything that came before it. The eighth episode is set to be 85 minutes long, while Chapter Nine, ‘The Piggyback’, is an eyewatering feature-length episode, clocking in at 150 minutes.

What to expect next? Whatever happens, the cast isn’t spilling anything. On the show’s spoiler-protective stance, Hopper actor David Harbour told Total Film

“They give me like 18-page documents of talking points I can’t mention so I’m just supposed to say, ‘Enjoy it! Can’t tell ya much right now but have a great time,'” he said. “No, working on shows like this, you don’t want to spoil anything. I remember watching people react to that last season, and Hopper’s ‘death’, there were no spoilers around that and nobody saw it coming. It was so moving to people.”

For more on Stranger Things’ return, check out our guide to the Stranger Things season 4 release schedule. Need something to watch before then? Here are the best Netflix shows.

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