Streamplify Complete Bundle review: “an amazing starting bundle but overpriced”

If you’re thinking about showcasing your gameplay then you’ll need some dedicated streaming for gamers gear. Included in the Streamplify complete streaming bundle is a dedicated streaming webcam, microphone, microphone arm mount, two ring lights of different sizes and a foldable green screen. You can pick up the entire bundle for a MRSP of $699, however, it’s worth noting that you can find it cheaper from other retailers.

All of the components that make up this bundle can be bought separately so if you’re only interested in one or two bits then you don’t have to commit to the entire range of products. 

streamplify complete bundle

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The Streamplify webcam presents some very useful features given the price point. First of all you get full HD – 1080p/60FPS. Packed into this little camera you’ll also find a 90 degree view and full 360 degree swivel so you can angle this exactly how you’d like. Included with the webcam is also an anti-spy sliding webcam cover and a foldable tripod. The device itself features auto-focus, automatic light enhancement and a stereo microphone.  

webcam from streamplify bundle

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I’ve found that the ring lights included in the bundle are pretty much just standard ring lights. One is 36cm and the other comes in at 26cm. Included in both boxes are tripods – which also double as selfie sticks – and carrying case, you also get a smartphone holder and a camera mount.  They both feature four temperature settings and 10 brightness levels and can be controlled via a front tact-switch or an IR remote control. In comparison to other ring lights, the features offered by the Streamplify versions aren’t much different. 

streamplify complete bundle

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The microphone and mic arm are pretty standard, they’re don’t really provide any special features and the quality of the audio which is picked up by the microphone is relatively normal. You can find a quick mute button and it presents some RGB aspects, but again you can find this in microphones at lower price points. The mic arm isn’t anything special, you can find mic arms these days with integrated cable management or other snazzy bits, but this one was just a regular arm that clamps to your desk and can be moved around. 

Now onto the bread and butter of the bundle, the green screen. It’s great for people who might not have a dedicated streaming room as it folds away and can be stored much easier than a regular version. As someone who has their set up in the corner of my bedroom, I thought I’d never be able to have any chroma screens so this was amazing. The material of the green screen was quite tough which gives me the impression it will be much more heavy duty. These were the only two features which were presented.

streamplify complete bundle

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The webcam features a relatively standard webcam design, a small rectangle which sits atop your monitor. It comes with a mounting clip that allows for easy and seamless mounting when attaching it to your screen. This ensures that it stays stable but can also be moved and adjusted quickly and easily. It will blend in easily with most set ups due its small size and the fact that it is all black in color. 

streamplify complete bundle

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There’s not much to speak about in reference with the design of a ring light. Both are just the normal ‘ring’ shape that you’d expect. They come attached to plain black tripods which make them easy to blend in with your streaming set up.

ring light from streamplify bundle

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The microphone is designed quite nicely with a plain black design, RGB features and the mic arm being a matching black, it fits cleanly into most set ups. The arm which comes with it is also just plain black, not really much to add. 

As stated, the only design element I can comment on regarding the green screen is the fact that it is made from a relatively heavy duty fabric. It folds away into a small black tube like base, which is on wheels making it easy to roll around. 

streamplify complete bundle

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Personally, I didn’t find that the webcam fulfilled my expectations for a dedicated streaming camera. It didn’t output the best quality image although it claimed to be 1080p, at first I assumed this was because of my light level as I have a low light level set up as many streamers do. I adjusted this by using the ring lights to ensure my face was well lit and still found that it didn’t beat out the quality of my $50 / £50 webcam (which I picked up on sale for £20). Given the $139 asking price, you should be expecting some amazing performance – comparable to our best webcam, the Razer Kiyo Pro – which retails at around $200 but is usually priced at $130. 

streamplify webcam comparison

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On the left hand side is my Trust USB webcam and the right is the Streamplify cam. Both are set to default settings meaning I haven’t adjusted anything, just plugged them in and used them straight out of the box. Both of these images were taken side by side, at the same time. I, by far, prefer the right hand side but you can make your own judgement with the side by side. The color appears much more accurate to real life with the Trust USB camera where as the Streamplify camera seems to have a haze or filter over the top. I also find that my camera appears higher quality – you can see marks on my face which you can’t see on the right hand side. 

The ring lights worked as intended, they lit up my entire bedroom when at the highest brightness setting. This was something I found quite handy as I have a relatively small desk so even if I placed the ring lights elsewhere I was still able benefit from the light omitted from them. However, nothing really stands out or makes them worth their $139 (36cm) and $59 (26cm) asking prices. You’re just getting a bright ring light. 

When using the microphone there is no static or reverb and the sensitivity is great but I get the same quality from my Fifine Ampligame which is less than half of the price. The buttons on the mic worked as intended but again, these are buttons which are present on my much cheaper alternative. Overall, a good quality microphone, but not something I would pick up at MRSP. 

microphone for streaming from streamplify

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As this is the first green screen I have used I don’t have a personal point of comparison. This green screen was simple to use and worked as intended. I loved the ability to tuck it away when I’m not streaming, I usually keep it under my desk and I don’t even notice it’s there. 

streamplify complete bundle

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Should you buy the Streamplify bundle?

Personally, I would not buy the Streamplify bundle at its MRSP of $699 but if you can find it at another retailer for a lower price point (which you often can) then this makes it much better value for money. For example, you’re able to pick up the bundle at ebuyer for £314.99 (opens in new tab). Being able to get your hands on a microphone, mic arm, webcam, tripod for the webcam, two ring lights and a green screen for less than £350 is a great deal. You can check out the Streamplify where to buy section (opens in new tab) to find out what retailer you can purchase from in your country. 

All of the products included are great quality and work amazingly well, they just feel slightly overpriced. Taking into account you can get them all at a lower price point does make it feel much more worth it.

If you’re thinking about streaming but not sure where to begin then grabbing this bundle at a discount would be an amazing choice.

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