Free Comic Book Day comes to Substack with 10 featured titles

An increasing number of indie comics creators have begun producing work through Substack, a paid newsletter service that allows creators to set prices and paywall restrictions. This year, Substack is participating in Free Comic Book Day for the first time with 10 free comics titles, including a never-before-published Grant Morrison story and a brand new Tini Howard and Phillip Sevy series.

Phenomenocity logo

Phenomenocity logo (Image credit: Tiny Howard and Phillip Sevy)

Only on May 10, readers can read the premiere issue of Howard and Sevy’s new sci-fi noir series, Phenomenocity, as well as nine other titles, without having to subscribe to these creators’ newsletters.

“This story has been living in my head for some time, but it never fully gelled until I got the idea to bring in my comics brother Phillip Sevy,” Howard said in a statement. “Phillip was one of my first collaborators in comics, and we’ve been friends on a wavelength ever since. No one designs a city like Phil, and there’s a way he sees future tech and sci-fi that’s so inspiring to me. This is a true collaboration – the way I like to make comics – and I’m so thrilled to be returning to the creator-owned world with one of my favorite artists.”

Sevy added, “I’ve been itching to find another project to work on with my comics sister. When Tini approached me in 2021 all she had to say was ‘Strong women, mysterious city, murder, and a world without social media’ and I was 100 percent in. It’s been a blast building this world and story with her. Our collaboration has been fantastic and has really created something unique and interesting that I know readers will love.”

1982's "Going Home": Art and story by Grant Morrison

1982’s “Going Home”: Art and story by Grant Morrison (Image credit: Substack)

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Alongside Phenomenocity, readers can check out Grant Morrison’s 1982 comic, Going Home, which also features art by them; James Tynion IV’s ‘Coney Island,’ with art by Klaus Janson, which debuts Tynion’s new anthology series True Weird; a special preview chapter of Jonathan Hickman, Mike del Mundo, and Mike Huddleston’s ongoing series The Vallars; the first full issue of Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer series, Colonel Weird & Little Andromeda, written by Tate Brombal with art by Ray Fawkes; the second issue of Kelly Thompson’s The Black Cloak, with art by Meredith McClaren; and the next chapter of Rodney Barnes’ new book, Degrees Past Rigor, with art by Maan House.

The above titles will only be free on May 10, but Substack also highlights several always-free titles for its Free Comics Day event. These include Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta’s Dragon; Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon’s Spectators; Elsa Charretier and Tom King’s Love Everlasting; Khary Randolph and Joanne Starer’s Sirens of the City; and Skottie Young’s Stupid Fresh Mess.

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