Summer Games Done Quick 2022 raises over $3 million for charity

Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2022 – a week-long celebration of speedrunners from across the world – has finished up by raising over $3 million for charity.

This year SGDQ – which kicked off on June 26 and has been speed-running ever since – ran an in-person event in Minnesota as well as its livestream for the first time in two years. 134 speedruns were broadcast as part of the show and featured pretty much every game you can think of, from Spyro the Dragon to Crash Bandicoot 2 to ICO, Portal 2, and Elden Ring.

“#SGDQ2022 has raised a total amount of $3,016,200 for @MSF_USA!” the event tweeted earlier today. “Thank you to everyone who made this marathon possible, and thank you all for your amazing generosity & support.”

🏁TIME 🏁 #SGDQ2022 has raised a total amount of $3,016,200 for @MSF_USA!Thank you to everyone who made this marathon possible, and thank you all for your amazing generosity & support❤️#heretogether 3, 2022

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Games Done Quick is a fundraising organisation that has raised money via elaborate speedruns for the last ten years. Events are streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to Doctors Without Borders, a charity that provides medical support to those affected by war, disasters, or healthcare exclusion. 

There’s still time to get involved, of course; donations can be made via the official donation page (opens in new tab). Head to the official website (opens in new tab) for details on the next DGQ charity fundraiser.

Few speedruns impress me more than Elden Ring, by the way. Someone recently completed a full three-hour run without getting hit. (opens in new tab) Yes. Really.

Streamer Seki – who uses a dexterity/intelligence build and mains the Moonveil katana – not only got through the entire campaign in just three hours, but also manages to do so without taking any damage from any enemy or taking poison or fall damage.

Or there’s this one, which brought the world record down to less than seven minutes (opens in new tab). That’s right: Seven. Minutes. Six minutes and 46 seconds, to be precise.

Using the same “zip” glitches that have been popularized with other speedrunners, the new record holder – Seeker TV – skips the beginning of the game to jump straight to Stormveil Castle, and then picks up another zip to skip – well, pretty much the rest of the game, really. Incredible!

Read up on our new games 2022 (opens in new tab) guide for a complete look over all the other games launching over the next few months.

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