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Pennyworth gets a new home on HBO Max – and a weird new title

It looks like DC’s Pennyworth is getting more than a third season. The show, which first debuted on Epix back in 2019, has officially moved to HBO Max…and has been given a new title. Pennyworth serves as an origin series for Alfred Pennyworth, the butler to Bruce Wayne aka Batman.  HBO Max, following the scrapping …

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Scrapped Batgirl movie would have introduced Killer Moth

A new behind the scenes picture from the canceled Batgirl movie has revealed that Killer Moth was set to debut in the film. Leslie Grace starred as the titular hero, while Brendan Fraser played the villain Firefly, and Michael Keaton was returning as Batman.  “Doesn’t seem much point keeping quiet …

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Best Netflix comedies: 23 funny movies to stream right now

If you’re searching for the best Netflix comedies around, it can be tough to decide where to look first. The streamer has a whole range of hilarious movies, from award-nominated satires like Don’t Look Up to family-friendly adventures like The Mitchells vs. the Machines.  Netflix is also always adding new …

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