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Fallout 5 confirmed – everything we know

Fallout 5 confirmed. That’s a sentence we’ve waited some time to put into writing. It was surely inevitable given the huge success of the action RPG series under Bethesda’s care since 2008, but, with Starfield and the Elder Scrolls 6 in the oven, nothing was certain until now. On June …

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Games like Fallout to jump into right now

Games like Fallout may not all be set in the post-apocalypse, but they certainly let you explore gigantic, sprawling worlds with fully fleshed-out stories that will suck you in. If you’ve played all the Fallout games and are desperate for more hours spent in bizarre, strange lands, then we’ve got …

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The best Fallout games, ranked

When you rank the best Fallout games you gotta be tough. Dedicated. Observant. And you gotta be prepared to argue your point. We’ve attempted to give you a rock-solid ranking of the best Fallout games, from the Wastelands to Appalachia and beyond. The Fallout series takes post-apocalyptic worlds full of …

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