Target and Best Buy tipped for PS5 restock this week

For those still searching for a PS5 restock, there might be some hope for you this February. With huge PS5 exclusive titles set to be released soon, everyone is hunting for a new console. There has been a lot of discussion on possible restocks at large retailers, but your next stop should be Target (opens in new tab) or Best Buy (opens in new tab).

Both retailers have been rumored to be collecting stock of both the Digital and Disk versions of the consoles. This information comes from @Tracker_RY who has been very reliable for PS5 restocks speculation. Target has been holding console stock for a while now, and usually unleashes its collection on Thursday mornings – so we’d recommend keeping a close eye here early tomorrow.

Best Buy, meanwhile, is coming up to its bi-weekly scheduled PS5 restock time. We haven’t seen any stock here for a while now, but considering Target has been receiving fresh supplies, it’s reasonable to assume other retailers have as well. If Best Buy sticks to its previous timeline, we will likely be seeing more PS5 stock hitting the shelves on Thursday. 


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Gamestop (opens in new tab) has been rather regular on their PS5 restock, however since last week there hasn’t been any word on an possible restock. Rumors are swirling that this retailer has some stock in the pipeline, which might be available soon, and with their recent lowering of prices for their next gen bundles, Gamespot might be a retailer worth keeping tabs on.

Amazon (opens in new tab) is yet to have a PS5 restock in 2022. Stock usually drops at the end of the month here, though, so keep your eyes peeled for possible restocks around the 24th/25th February. It’s worth noting that the last restock was only available to Prime members, and there are suggestions that the next drop might be the same.

Sony (opens in new tab) direct are still taking registrations for the invite-only PS5 restocks. We highly recommend signing up. Registering does not guarantee a console, but it does at least put you in the running for a possible chance. Registration is still open as of today, 9th February, but we’re unsure when sign-ups will end.

UK retailers have been great on the restock side. Very just had a restock of consoles that quickly sold out yesterday. This might be a sign that more is possible on the way. Game has not officially announced a restock; however, it has been rumored that stock could drop as early as today. Bundles on their website still suggest a restock date of the 18th of February.

Previous PS5 restock dates

Which PS5 should you buy?

The PS5 launch gave gamers the choice of two consoles, Digital version and Disk Version. Both console perform exactly the same. The specs on both the digital and disk version are AMD Zen 2-based CPU, the same 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit memory, and the same 825GB SSD.

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Those of you who love collecting hard copies of games should go for the disk version. The disk version supports PS4 game disks, making it easier to play previous gen titles without having to buy them all over again.  

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PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99) | Check at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Digital version is for those of us who don’t necessarily need to have a hard copy of games, and with the Playstation store right at our fingertips buying a game and downloading them straight to our consoles has never been easier.

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Our PS5 restock top tips

Learn your retailers
Bookmark the retailers who are likely to restock on PS5. Look at the patterns of how PS5 restocks have been going so you can have a general idea on who is likely to restock next and when those stock drops will appear.

Follow PS5 restock channels on social media.
These dedicated PS5 stock trackers are often the fastest way to be notified of new consoles hitting the shelves. Switching on notifications and cherry picking your follows can really pay off considering you’ll need to be speedy to scoop up a console. 

Consider memberships
Unfortunately many retailers are now in the habit of offering PS5’s to their subscribed customers. It might be worthwhile getting a subscription, if it means being first in line when the stock drops. Walmart, for example, often hosts PS5 restocks for its Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) customers only.

Check for PS5 restocks today

We’re rounding up all the latest PS5 deals on the best PS5 accessories, as well as all the latest Xbox Series X restock updates as well. 

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