Teardown Part Two release date revealed for December

Indie destruction game Teardown’s huge Part Two update is launching next month on December 2.

The latest Teardown Part Two trailer was revealed earlier today on November 24, through a video posted to developer Dennis Gustafsson’s YouTube channel (opens in new tab). It was here that the new release date for the forthcoming update was announced for the first time, after being first revealed just last month in October.

The trailer gives us a great look at some of the new locales we’ll be visiting, and foes we’ll be facing off against. There’ll be some sort of sentry robots in Teardown’s Part Two update, roaming around a security complex, and there’ll also be a brand new tropical island getaway, which we can see teased near the conclusion of the new trailer.

For those unaware, this Part Two update for Teardown actually concludes the game’s main storyline. The base game, which has been out since late 2020 through early access on Steam, saw the player character plotting a heist using the highly detailed destructible environments surrounding them, and now Part Two is going to finish off this storyline.

If you’re a big fan of the chaotic destruction game, then don’t worry, because developer Tuxedo Labs isn’t done with Teardown just yet. Although Part Two is wrapping up the campaign, Tuxedo Labs will bring further additions and improvements to Teardown in the near future, so there’s lots more to come if you’re particular enjoying the game which takes experiments to a whole new level.

If you haven’t yet experienced Tuxedo Labs’ game though, you can check out our Teardown impressions from the game’s launch period last year for more.

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