The affordable Razer Kraken V3 X gaming headset is now even cheaper

Bargain hunters rejoice! One of our favorite cheap gaming headsets has just taken an additional price cut at Amazon – in both the US and UK. Right now you can get the excellent Razer Kraken V3 X for just $39.75 (down from $70) (opens in new tab) at Amazon US, and for £49.99 (was £70) (opens in new tab) at Amazon UK. This brings it dangerously close to being half price, which is wild in itself, and it’s also just $5 off its lowest price ever.

Yes, this is almost the definition of a cheap gaming headset, but, importantly, it does share that excellent Kraken DNA that has seen many of its brethren adorn spots across the internet’s best gaming headset lists. While you won’t see all the bells and whistles that adorn many pricier headsets here, that’s not what this headset is trying to do. It’s a simple but powerful set of cups, that you can rely on to give you excellent game audio, solid communication, and a comfy fit – without breaking the bank.

Note that this is a USB-connected headset – not a traditional audio jack wired connection. This limits the headset to being more suitable as a PC and PlayStation headset, and probably more of a PC one if you pushed us. That wired connection can be used on a PS4 or PS5 but that will govern how close or far you can sit.

We have this particular headset as our top budget pick in our best PC headset for gaming list, and it really shines as a provider of awesome game audio that you don’t have to spend the big bucks to get something great for your ears this year.

However, if you’re after something else that’s in the same price range then we’re rounding up some other headset deals below the highlights Krkane V3 X below.

Today’s best cheap gaming headset deals

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Razer Kraken V3 X | PC, PS5, PS4 | $70 $39.75 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $30 – If you’ve been after a PC-first cheap gaming headset then this is the one to go for. It has been lower, but this price point is just $5 away from the cheapest we’ve ever seen the Razer Kraken V3 X. With 7.1 surround and that Razer quality, this is great value for those after bang for buck value right now.

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Razer Kraken V3 X | PC, PS5, PS4 | £70 £49.99 at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)
Save £20 – This headset was cheaper around £15 cheaper recently, but this is still an excellent price and a great value proposition should you need a budget headset right now. You’ll be able to rely on the Kraken V3 X across a couple of platforms, and you’re picking up some of that Razer pedigree.

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More of today’s best cheap gaming headset deals

If the model on offer above doesn’t quite suit then rest assured there are several budget-friendly options that you can get right now, you’ll find plenty more Xbox gaming headset deals below. These are some of the best cups on the market right now, which means you’re getting excellent value with any money off. 

On the hunt for some console audio? Check out the best PS5 headsets and the best Xbox Series X headsets for something a little more dedicated. We’re also rounding up the best Nintendo Switch headsets as well. 

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