The Batman merchandise teases first look at the Batcave and a Riddler showdown

A wave of new merchandise for The Batman has been released – and they tease some of the movie’s biggest sequences and sets, including potential spoilers for a showdown with Paul Dano’s villainous Riddler.

Lego’s ‘Batcave The Riddler Face-Off’ set (opens in new tab) shows Bruce Wayne’s hi-tech setup used to track down Gotham’s most wanted. There’s a ‘Wayne Terminus’ with a Batcomputer below it, some tools for Alfred, and a map of Gotham.

Most interesting, however, is a pair of revelations in the set’s description: Bruce Wayne will seemingly disguise as ‘The Drifter’ in the 2022 DC movie, while the Batcave also has its own jail.

Curiously, Riddler is seen locked inside it, a moment which could heavily hint at the supervillain’s ultimate fate. It’s not clear exactly how close this will be to the finished product – but it’s unlike to be too far off given previous Lego releases.

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Elsewhere, more Lego sets could help piece together – pun not intended – other parts of The Batman’s action scenes.

‘The Penguin Chase’ (opens in new tab) sees Colin Farrell’s crime boss take to the streets of Gotham with a rocket launcher – and Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight in hot pursuit. There’s also a ‘Motorcycle Pursuit’ set (opens in new tab) with Selina Kyle, complete with some of Batman’s most iconic gadgets: the Batarang and the grappling gun.

We may even get to see some of these scenes in live-action very, very soon. DC’s upcoming FanDome event on October 16 will feature a new trailer for The Batman – as well as looks at Black Adam, The Flash, and more upcoming DC movies.

For more on what DC is working on next, here’s our guide to new superhero movies.

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