The Bob’s Burgers Movie writers explain why they held back on Louise’s big reveal

The Bob’s Burgers Movie co-writers Loren Bouchard and Nora Smith have explained why they opted to show one of the movie’s big moments off-screen.

Spoilers for The Bob’s Burgers movie follow.

During the movie’s final act, Louise (Kristen Schaal) – having been taunted throughout the movie – finally musters up the courage to perform a stunt on the school’s swing set. In doing so, however, her trademark pink hat, complete with rabbit ears falls off. Shocked schoolkids then look on as she exposes her hair for the very first time in the series’ history.

Except, the audience doesn’t see Louise’s hair. In our interview with Bouchard and Smith, the former reveals they were “never tempted” to give the Belchers’ big-screen adventure an extra surprise twist.

“We wanted to talk about her ears and we wanted to talk about why [she wears her hat],” Bouchard says. “We respect the character’s general wishes to not show the top of her head, but we wanted to take her to some places that she hadn’t been before and get that ‘why’ answered for everyone.”

Smith adds: “To me, it is always going to be more exciting for people to imagine what’s under there than to actually see it. If you actually see it, the fun is gone. It’s better what’s in your head.”

For more from Bouchard, Smith, and director Bernard Derriman, be sure to check out our interview with The Bob’s Burgers Movie creative team. Plus, we chatted to The Bob’s Burgers Movie cast about their “more nuanced” characters to the secrets behind the show’s longevity after over a decade on the air.

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