The Boys viewers “can’t unsee” Herogasm as the new episode becomes the show’s highest rated so far

Warning! This article contains major spoilers for The Boys season 3 episode 6. Stop reading now if you haven’t watched it yet!

Praise has been coming in thick and fast for ‘Herogasm’ – the latest episode of The Boys season 3. Featuring everything from a superhero orgy to a huge fight between Homelander and Soldier Boy, viewers have been loving it. So much so, the episode has even been ranked as the best yet of the Prime Video show on IMDb (opens in new tab)

“Well episode 6 of The Boys was the best of the season,” one viewer (opens in new tab) wrote on Twitter. “Yes it has all of the gross-out debauchery you’d expect from something called ‘Herogasm’ but there’s also some great character work and a fight that put a huge smile on my face.”

A second added (opens in new tab): “The episode might not have been as NSFW as they tried advertising but the plot progression the character arcs all of it was INSANE.” Others admitted (opens in new tab) they’re not sure if they’ll “ever be able to unsee what they’ve seen in ‘Herogasm'”.  

“The Boys is the best superhero show ever created,” they wrote, “the acting, the story, the parodies are all 10/10. The Boys knows its place and purpose better than any show ever created.”

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However, some viewers thought ‘Herogasm’ would have been even wilder, given its hype from the creators as the most NSFW episode yet. One penned (opens in new tab): “I don’t know if it was because I was watching on my phone but The Boys ‘Herogasm’ was awesome, but I actually didn’t think it wasn’t too bad with the NSFW content.” While a second added (opens in new tab): “I expected a lot more of gross sex scenes or dirtier stuff in #Herogasm. But instead, I got the best action packed blockbuster 1-hour-tv-cinema of my life. Hell, do I have to be disappointed?”

There were some moments in particular that stood out, including the epic fight between Soldier Boy, Homelander, and Billy Butcher. Reacting to this, one viewer (opens in new tab) admitted they weren’t sure if they’d “ever get over it”, while another called it (opens in new tab), “easily the best fight sequence we’ve ever seen in The Boys”.

Laz Alonso’s performance as Mother’s Milk was also praised after his tragic backstory was revealed in ‘Herogasm’. He told Starlight how he blames himself for Soldier Boy murdering his family. “I know everyone will talk about Soldier Boy and Homelander in this episode,” one viewer (opens in new tab) penned, “but honestly Laz Alonso’s performance was Solid Gold.”

As we’re now left wondering where the series will go from here in its final two episodes, check out our guide to The Boys season 3 release schedule to make sure you don’t miss a moment.

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