The Boys’ big Homelander moment is being called the best plot twist since Empire Strikes Back

Have you recovered yet? The Boys season 3’s penultimate episode delivered a hammer blow of a last-minute twist – and viewers on Prime Video are (rightfully) losing their minds over the major reveal.

MAJOR spoilers for The Boys season 3, episode 7 follow.

So, yep: Homelander is Soldier Boy’s son. Maybe not in the conventional mommy-and-daddy-loved-each-other-very-much sense, but Antony Starr’s Supe is very much the offspring of Soldier Boy after some Vought experiments involving Penthouse magazine and a paper cup. You get the picture.

As expected, social media has gone into meltdown over the plot twist. “The mother of all plot twists,” said one surprised viewer. Another commented (opens in new tab), “The twist in the ending will blow everyone’s damn minds. This season is majestic.”

The praise keeps on coming: “The plot twist was fucking amazing,” one remarked (opens in new tab). As one confidently put it (opens in new tab), it “has to be the best plot twist since Empire Strikes Back.”

If nothing else, fans are convinced (opens in new tab) it’s “the best twist they’ve cooked up so far” in the show – with one calling it (opens in new tab) “an unexpected twist… but it also explains a lot about Homelander.”

Not everyone was sold, mind you. One wrote (opens in new tab), “Hmm not a big fan of the whole Soldier Boy/Homelander twist. It feels like it came out of nowhere.” Another said (opens in new tab), it was “a twist I actually saw coming, but i’m so shocked they ACTUALLY did it.”

Let’s sign off with a possible twist-within-a-twist. And it’s a gross one. Of course it is. If Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father, who’s the mother? The episode already sets up Vought not being shy over taking a Supe’s eggs for their own nefarious purposes – so who better than… Stormfront. We told you it was gross.

As one viewer put it (opens in new tab), “The next thing they’re gonna show is. Homelander’s mother was Stormfront. Now it all makes sense why they choose to make Stromfront a female character. Well played.”

Find out when the finale drops with The Boys season 3 release schedule.

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