The Boys season 3 finale splits opinion over major character death

The Boys season 3 said farewell in some style. The finale didn’t pull its punches, giving viewers more of its trademark violent Supe drama as the walls closed in on Homelander.

One moment, however, has led to some backlash from the fanbase – with the majority of fans on social media pointing to a certain scene having “wasted potential” and being one of the finale’s few real missteps.

MAJOR spoilers for The Boys season 3, episode 8 follow.

The Boys has never been afraid to kill off Supe and non-Supe alike, but even the most hardened fan will have been surprised to see Black Noir disemboweled and killed by Homelander after it was revealed Noir knew about Homelander’s connection to Soldier Boy.

“Black Noir will go down as one of the worst written deaths ever,” one fan lamented (opens in new tab). That feeling was echoed elsewhere (opens in new tab) on Twitter, with a viewer calling the buildup of Black Noir’s character a “waste of time.”

“That’s just wasted potential and bad writing,” another wrote (opens in new tab). “That man needs justice after being abused by that racist for so long.”

One viewer of The Boys got to the heart of the issue with fans, saying (opens in new tab), “They been teasing us Black Noir for seasons and they killed him off for shock value.” Another said of the finale (opens in new tab), “Only thing I hated was Black Noir’s death, everything else was great.”

There are, however, some who have praised the surprise death. “That Black Noir twist was great,” said one on Twitter (opens in new tab). “What a FUCKING twist. What the fuck,” said another. (opens in new tab)

While we mourn a real one, there’s more Boys on the way – a fourth season has already been commissioned by Amazon, so there will be more to come from the Supes soon enough. In the meantime, be sure to check out the best shows on Amazon Prime and the best movies on Amazon Prime.

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