The Boys season 4 will see Maeve back – and probably Soldier Boy too

**Warning this article contains spoilers for The Boys season 3 episode 8**

Eric Kripke has revealed plans for Maeve – and hopefully Soldier Boy – to return in The Boys season 4. Both characters’ fates were left up in the air after The Boys season 3 ending. Maeve had gone into hiding after sustaining some hefty injuries during the fight at Vought Towers. Soldier Boy, on the other hand, was put back on ice by Mallory to neutralize his threat. 

“We definitely won’t reach the end of the series without seeing Maeve again,” Kripke told Deadline (opens in new tab). “I’m hoping we see Soldier Boy again. You know, for instance for Maeve, we really felt like for Annie/Starlight to truly grow, we needed to take away her protector. It started to become sort of narratively difficult because every time she was really in a tight spot, you know, Maeve could show up and kick some ass, and we sort of need Annie to be in a position where she might be in real danger if she can’t figure it out for herself.”

However, the showrunner confirmed one character will be staying dead – for the most part. Black Noir was killed when Homelander ripped his guts out in a particularly brutal scene.

“That particular individual who is Black Noir is dead. His organs are out all over the place,” Kripke said. Although the creator couldn’t help but tease: “When you have a completely silent, completely masked-clad hero, they’re reasonably easy to recast.”

The Boys season 4 has already been commissioned by Amazon Prime Video. Ahead of its release, Kripke also teased that Homelander and Billy Butcher will face off in the new season. While we wait for the show to hits our screens, check out our guide to the best shows on Amazon Prime.

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