The Callisto Protocol reveals nightmare-inducing enemies in new screenshots

A bunch of horrifying new screenshots and details about The Callisto Protocol have debuted online.

Earlier this week on May 24, Game Informer (opens in new tab)‘s latest issue went live on digital storefronts, with a massive spread dedicated to The Callisto Protocol, the new title from Dead Space director Glen Schofield. This includes, as you can see for yourself just below, several tantalizing new screenshots, showing off the various terrifying creatures we’ll be going up against in the new horror game.

(Game Informer) New The Callisto Protocol Screenshots 24, 2022

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Additionally, the new Game Informer issue has several new details about The Callisto Protocol. It’ll be launching in the second half of 2022 (which isn’t a massive surprise considering we’re nearly in June), and will actually be a cross-gen launch game, coming to new last and new-gen PlayStation and Xbox platforms, as well as PC. 

The Callisto Protocol stars Jacob as the protagonist, and it turns out he can use abilities to push and pull objects towards him, something horror veterans might remember from the Dead Space trilogy. There’ll be melee combat and even ranged combat in The Callisto Protocol, which points towards Jacob’s getting his hands on a futuristic firearm or two.

The Callisto Protocol was first unveiled in 2020, the debut project by Striking Distance Studios after being founded by Schofield. The studio is owned by PUBG parent company Krafton Inc., and The Callisto Protocol is actually part of the extended PUBG universe, which Schofield himself explained back in 2020. There shouldn’t be too long to go until we finally get our hands on the new horror title.

Check out our Callisto Protocol preview from earlier this year to see how it’s shaping up to be a standout horror adventure.

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