The Division gets another free-to-play spin-off, this time for mobile

The Division: Resurgence is a brand new mobile-only spin-off in the shooter series.

Announced just earlier today on July 6 by Ubisoft, The Division: Resurgence is taking the super-popular shooter franchise and giving it a mobile twist. The set up is still very much the same as the past two mainline Division games: you’re part of an elite squad sent to restore order in the aftermath of chaos in New York City.

As in keeping with the other Division games, The Division: Resurgence is still all about looting and shooting. The game’s debut trailer showed off third-person combat, so we know that perspective is sticking around for the new mobile-only spin-off shooter.

We’ll be ducking and dodging around obstacles and cover while evading enemy fire in The Division: Resurgence. Additionally, co-op with other players was confirmed for the new game from Ubisoft, meaning it’s still sticking to one of the core tenets that made the mainline games so popular.

Right now, there isn’t a release date set in stone for The Division: Resurgence. In fact, there isn’t even a release window or any beta sessions taking place, as far as we know, so we’ll have to keep an ear out for more details from Ubisoft soon.

It’s worth noting that The Division: Heartland was nowhere to be seen in today’s announcement from Ubisoft. You might remember that Ubisoft announced the spin-off shooter for PC and consoles last year in 2021, but we’ve seen very little of it since. There’s still that Division movie adaptation with Jake Gyllenhaal in the works, though, so Ubisoft really is set on expanding the franchise they’ve created in multiple ways. 

That’s all on top of The Division 2 still receiving brand new content

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