Netflix’s new number one movie is an action throwback that’s seriously dividing viewers

Netflix has a funny knack for releasing movies and shows that creep up on you when you least expect it. Sure, sensations such as Stranger Things will take the headlines but, in recent months, the likes of The Lincoln Lawyer and Stay Close have captivated viewers all the same. Netflix’s new number one movie, The Interceptor, is in the same vein – a surprise hit that has got the internet talking.

Starring Elsa Pataky as Captain J.J. Collins, The Interceptor is a throwback to the action movies that populated cinemas in the ‘80s and ‘90s. When threatened with nuclear annihilation, Collins leads a one-woman charge to avert disaster – with a former US intelligence officer, played by Luke Bracey, in her sights. There’s also a major A-list cameo in the movie, though we won’t spoil that here.

“Ok… this interceptor movie is one of the best I’ve seen on Netflix,” one viewer said, Another added (opens in new tab) that The Interceptor is “a freaking badass action movie.”

Others were also in agreement: “WATCH THE INTERCEPTOR ON NETFLIX IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. Had me on my toes the entire time,” one wrote on Twitter (opens in new tab). The phone-checkers among us will also be pleased by this response to The Interceptor, which reads (opens in new tab), “The Interceptor on Netflix is quite a good watch, been a while since I watched an entire movie in a single sitting.”

Some were a little cooler on The Interceptor – though that’s by no means a bad thing. Not everything can be Top Gun: Maverick, after all.

“The Interceptor is exactly the mediocre Sunday afternoon action movie I expected and wanted,” one viewer said (opens in new tab). Another wrote (opens in new tab), “The Interceptor is in the line of all those Van Damme movies. The action is entertaining, but the plot seems tagged on and the dialog is painful. But again, I enjoyed to the end.” One described it (opens in new tab) as a “great 90s throwback flick.”

Not everyone saw it the same way, however. Some have criticized (opens in new tab) the “bad script” and “terrible acting.” It’s also been called “pure trash” as well as being “predictable and irritating.”

Which one of the three camps you fall into is your call, though if you want to return to the days of no-nonsense action movies – you could do a lot worse than The Interceptor. For more from the streaming service, here are our picks for the best Netflix shows and best Netflix movies.

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