The Last of Us Part 1 goes gold ahead of its September launch

The Last of Us Part 1 has gone gold ahead of its September launch, Naughty Dog has announced.

The studio took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to celebrate the good news, as when a game “goes gold,” it means its publisher has deemed it finished and ready to ship. Typically, it also marks the point at which a game will most likely not be delayed, barring any unforeseen circumstances that might affect its release date.

Thrilled to announce The Last of Us Part I has gone gold! 🏅✨Congratulations to the Dogs and our partners @PlayStation who contributed their passion and talent to the growing world of #TheLastofUs! 11, 2022

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Unfortunately, while we do technically have a new trailer, it’s basically just a shortened version of the announcement trailer, and as far as we can see, there’s no new footage to see here. Still, it’s great to hear that the finishing touches have been put on the remake and that it’s ready to ship – now we just have to wait an agonizing couple of months before we can step into the remade shoes of Joel Miller.

While plenty of folks are already nailing down their Last of Us Part 1 pre-orders, some others are lambasting Naughty Dog for slapping on a $70 price tag ($80 for the deluxe edition and $99 for the Firefly edition), calling it a “cash grab.” However, one of the game’s developers, animator Robert Morrison, has fired back against those criticisms, calling The Last of Us remake “the most meticulously built and crafted project that I have ever seen or been a part of in my entire career.”

The Last of Us Part 1 is set to release on PS5 on September 2, 2022, with a PC release coming at an unspecified point later on.

Here’s why GR’s Joe Donnelly didn’t think we needed a Last of Us remake until he saw it in motion.

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