The Last of Us remake is reportedly releasing this winter

The long-rumoured The Last of Us remake is said to be potentially releasing holiday 2022. 

Talking about the Naughty Dog game on the Kind of Funny Gamescast (opens in new tab), GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb has said “I keep hearing that’s coming out this year […] this holiday.” Before going on to say: “I think it probably is one of [Naughty Dog’s] big holiday games this year.”

If you weren’t aware, talks around a The Last of Us remake have been circulating since spring last year. It was originally said to be a PS5 remake (the original The Last of Us game was released for the PS3 back in 2013) and was being developed by Sony Visual Art Services Group until Naughty Dog supposedly took back the production. 

Small hints relating to some kind of Naughty Dog remake have since continued to pop up online in the form of a job listing late last year which asked for applicants “with an appetite for high quality, 3rd person, action/adventure games”, an employee theorized to be working on the unannounced game dropping hints, a Naughty Dog employee’s CV, and just general rumor mill speculation.

Of course, without official word from Naughty Dog, PlayStation, or anyone else involved, we’ll just have to settle on speculating when the remake is coming out or if it even exists at all.

A little later on in the podcast, Grubb and the rest of the podcast’s hosts discussed what a The Last of Us remake would mean for the upcoming The Last of Us TV show, comparing it to The Witcher. “As long as [the game] is relatively fresh and on shelves, it should see a boost when it comes out,” Grubb explains, “and then when the show comes out, another boost. That is [Naughty Dog’s] expectations.”

Surprise: The Last of Us remake has been officially revealed by Sony, with a release date set for later this year in September.

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