The Man From Toronto is Netflixs new number 1 movie as viewers call it a mashup of John Wick and Ride Along

Netflix has a new number one movie – The Man From Toronto has shot up the charts in the US, UK, and several other territories. Starring Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart, the action-comedy follows Hart’s hapless Teddy as he attempts to take his wife away on a relaxing holiday for her birthday. 

Through a series of mishaps – all caused by his trainwreck organizational skills – he ends up at an Airbnb where a hit is about to take place. He’s mistaken for an assassin called The Man From Toronto, and chaos ensues as the real hitman (played by Harrelson) turns up.

The action-comedy has been dividing critics and audiences and is currently “rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a critic score of just 24% while its audience score sits at 46%. However, viewers on social media have been much more complimentary, with comparisons to action epic John Wick and buddy comedies like Ride Along and Central Intelligence. 

“Man, I thoroughly enjoyed The Man From Toronto, it was funny with great action fight scenes,” one wrote (opens in new tab). “Kinda like John Wick but not that brutal… but that didn’t take away from the fact that it was a good action film!” Another added (opens in new tab): “If you get a chance, check out The Man From Toronto. I’m watching it now. It’s John Wick, but with Kevin Hart.”

Others have been comparing it to Hart’s Ride Along, in which he starred alongside Ice Cube. “The Man From Toronto is a solid 5/10, nothing out of the ordinary,” a viewer wrote (opens in new tab). “It was basically taking the idea of John Wick with a splash of Ride Along to give it that Kevin Hart vibe and poof.” While another penned (opens in new tab): “So The Man From Toronto is basically Ride Along 3 without Ice Cube?” as a fifth added (opens in new tab): “Man From Toronto is funny but literally the same thing as Ride Along but still funny.”

If you’re looking for your next stream, it seems like you could do a lot worse than The Man From Toronto. For more from the streaming service, here are our picks for the best Netflix shows and best Netflix movies.

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