The Multiversus alpha is getting the seal of approval from Smash Bros pros

New Warner Bros brawler MultiVersus is being received surprisingly well by the professional Super Smash Bros. community. 

Ever since the MultiVersus closed alpha launched yesterday, clips of the character mash-up game have already begun appearing online with several Super Smash Bros. Ultimate professionals weighing in on the kind of similar fighting game. 

Just like Nintendo’s fighter, MultiVersus sees a number of iconic characters (this time from Warner Bros. properties including DC Comics, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, and Scooby Doo) come together to beat the snot out of each other in a tournament-style set-up. Similar to Smash, players can compete online and it’s this element of the game that’s got the Super Smash Bros. community talking. 

A quick search on Twitter has revealed a number of reactions from the fan base, many of which appear to be mainly positive at this stage in the game. 

Twitter user, and Smash professional, @LiquidHBox (opens in new tab) shared a ‘day 1 review’ of the game saying it feels like “a platform fighter with a multimillion-dollar budget.” The Jigglypuff main also went on to say that the voice acting, animation, move-sets, replay value & staying true to the characters are “all highlights” but that “2v2 feels chaotic”, the “physics are a bit too floaty”, and that the game does contain a few glitches – as evidenced in the video attached to the tweet. 

MultiVersus Day 1 Review:Feels like what a platform fighter with a multimillion dollar budget would feel like.Voice acting, animation, move-sets, replay value, & staying true to characters are all highlights.2v2 feels chaoticPhysics are bit too floatyGlitches (see below) 20, 2022

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Other main players within the Smash community seem to be pleasantly surprised by the game with Smash World Tour esports commentator @AustyLaVista (opens in new tab) tweeting that they’ve “played 9 straight hours of MultiVersus” as it’s just “too fun.” It looks like word is traveling fast too as another Twitter user and professional Smash Bros player @TempoAxe (opens in new tab) has said that they’ve seen a lot about the game so now want to give it a go themselves. 

Played 9 straight hours of Multiversus it’s too funMay 20, 2022

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Seeing a lot about MultiVersus and I’m pretty sure I want to try it out 🤔May 19, 2022

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If you want to know more about this Warner Bros x Super Smash Bros hybrid, find out how MultiVersus is breaking platform fighter conventions to great effect.

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