The new Deep Pink wireless Xbox controller looks like Kirby swallowed a gamepad

The newly announced ‘Deep Pink’ Xbox controller is super pretty and kind of reminds us of Kirby?

Announced by Xbox (opens in new tab) on May 3, the new perfectly pink Xbox controller is just one of many recently unveiled new Xbox controllers following on from the pastel wired controllers at the end of March 2022. The Deep Pink controller is available to buy now for $64.99 from select retailers – although we’re currently only seeing it at the official Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

On Wednesdays we play in Pink (and every other day) 💖 Introducing the all new Deep Pink Xbox Wireless Controller: 3, 2022

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The new controller’s design features a deep pink color scheme that gives off hot pink vibes, but a little more sophisticated. The bottom half of the controller is white and the buttons feature the same berry color as the top of the device. No worries if you feel like you might struggle to recognize the buttons if they’re not their signature green, blue, yellow, and red coloring as four colored dots representing each of the buttons appear in the middle of the A, B, Y, X controls. 

According to the Xbox official website (opens in new tab), the Deep Pink controller has sculpted surfaces and refined geometry for “enhanced comfort during gameplay.” It also includes a textured grip and a hybrid D-pad which will help players to “stay on target.” Like most other Xbox controllers, this new one also has a dedicated Share button and can be paired with the Xbox Series X/S, PC, Android, and iOS. 

As to be expected, there was a mixed reception to the new controller as many Twitter users shared if they were a fan, hated it, or didn’t understand why Microsoft felt the need to release even more controllers for its games.

One thing several players could agree on though was the fact the pink colouring makes it look as though Nintendo mascot Kirby had used ‘mouthful mode’ on the controller (opens in new tab) to give it its pink hue. 

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