The Quarrys big online multiplayer update is here

Supermassive’s new horror game The Quarry has a chunky new update for you to download that adds online multiplayer, Ryan’s ‘Bizarre yet Bonafide’ podcast in full, and 1980s-inspired outfits for an additional purchase.

Just to be clear about what’s free in this update and what you’ll have to shell out for, the online multiplayer mode and the podcast are both free additions, while the new character skins will need to be purchased separately for $14.99. Or, if you went with the deluxe edition of the game, you’ll be able to download those outfits for free right now.

Supermassive took a pretty unique to online multiplayer for this update. In the local co-op mode that’s been available since launch, you would simply decide who takes control of which characters – or let a randomizer decide for you – and then hand the controller over to your friend(s) when their character’s up and it’s their turn to play. However, the online multiplayer mode is totally different (and I’m not entirely sure why). 

The Quarry’s online co-op mode, titled Wolf Pack in the main menu, lets a single host invite up to seven other players to join their adventure online. The thing is, none of those other players actually get to play the game, per se. Rather, they only get to vote on the key decisions, with the majority vote deciding what choice is made and thereby determining the course of events. That’s a huge change from both The Quarry’s local co-op and Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures Anthology, the latter of which lets two players control different characters in online co-op.

Technical demands aside, I suppose this is an easy solution to there being too many players in a 1 – 8 player game and not enough main characters to assign. An intriguing choice, for sure, but nonetheless a viable option if you’ve been wanting to experience The Quarry with some buds over the internet. If nothing else, it’s an interactive movie night for seven people and a very nerve-wracking gaming night for one person who’ll have to reckon with the team’s collective and inevitably fatal decisions.

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