The Razer Kraken has hit a brand new record low price in this gaming headset deal

If you’ve been looking for one single gaming headset deal to sort out a simple and complete audio solution – no matter what platform you play on – then we can’t recommend this one highly enough. Not only can we report that the excellent Razer Kraken is at a record low price at Amazon – yours for just $31.99 right now (opens in new tab) (was $80) – we can also say that this is a brand new record low price for the headset. As a result, this is a wild, wild price for the Kraken and you get so much more for your $32 here.

In terms of putting this record, ridiculous price in context, the first thing to say is that this is an $80 headset and it often retains that MSRP too – it was this full price as recently as Mat 1st this year. It has also often been around the 40-dollar mark a lot in the past six months, but it has fluctuated wildly above that too – but importantly, it’s never been this low so this is uncharted territory for this gaming headset deal. Snap it up now, as it surely won’t last long.

This low price is for the traditional Razer-green colourway headset and this represents one of the best value gaming headset deals we’ve seen this year. For just a fraction over 30 bucks, you get a now bona fide cheap gaming headset that has an almost unparalleled pedigree and reputation – and one that has retained its quality for years. It’s solid, reliable, comfortable, and will give you some awesome audio. It speaks for itself to anyone familiar with gaming tech but you can read more in our full Razer Kraken review for further insight and see why it is one of the best gaming headsets to grace us.

Today’s best gaming headset deal

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Razer Kraken | Green | $79.99 $31.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $48/60% – This is a wild price for such a good headset and is the gaming headset deal anyone should go for if you’re needing a simple wired solution. It’s been around the $40 mark over the past few months but this is brand new price territory.

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