The team behind one of the last decades greatest card games is working on something new

The developer of Slay the Spire has confirmed it’s working on its next game.

A recent post (opens in new tab) in the excellent roguelike card game’s subreddit (via Nintendo Life (opens in new tab)) pointed out that developer MegaCrit had recently updated its Twitter bio to state that the team is “working on our next game.”

That’s not come as too much of a surprise, since Slay the Spire initially released back in 2017 and had its last significant update in 2020 with the introduction of fourth playable character The Watcher. Since then, the developer has also been working on a move to the Steam Deck, but there’s presumably been plenty of time to start on something new.

If you’re not familiar with Slay the Spire, then you’ve been missing out on one of the best card games of recent years. Starting out with a selection of simple moves expressed as different cards, the game tasks you with climbing up its titular tower, cultivating a deck with every run. Lose to any of its monsters, and you’ll have to start again from the bottom floor.

It’s a marvel, easily one of my most-played games of the past few years across PC, Switch, and mobile. Punishing to begin with, for sure, but as you get to know its intricacies, its unfurls into a machine of feast or famine; a single card might turn a useless deck into a ruthlessly efficient one. Years of balancing work mean despite that potential power, there’s a constant fine line to tread between success and failure.

MegaCrit hasn’t offered any kind of hint as to what its next game might be, although fans are riffing on Slay the Spire’s name while considering a possible – if very much unconfirmed – sequel. 

Slay the Spire’s success essentially spawned its own genre. The roguelike deckbuilder is one of the bigger indie trends of recent years, with other well-received titles like Monster Train, Dicey Dungeons, and Fights in Tight Spaces all fitting the bill. If you want to try the game out for yourself, it’s currently an absolute steal on Steam, at 66% off during the summer sale (opens in new tab).

Luck of the draw? If you’re looking for something tactile, here are our best card games.

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