These anatomically-correct Pokemon sketches are both fascinating and disgusting

A biologist has shared some anatomically-correct Pokemon sketches and they’re equally as fascinating as they are disgusting.

Originally posted to the Pokemon subreddit (opens in new tab), u/TheChristopherStoll shared three illustrations that guess what’s hiding under the hood of three Gen 2 Pokemon, including Smeargle, Wobbuffet, and Girafarig. We’ll warn you now if you’re not comfortable seeing hypothetical Pokemon skulls, muscles, and other internal body parts – look away now. 

im_a_biologist_who_loves_making_anatomical from r/pokemon

Starting with Wobbuffet, TheChristopherStoll imagines that the psychic-type Pokemon is mainly made up of muscle and fat, which makes a lot of sense considering the squidgy-looking nature of the blue guy. There are in fact some bones to be found in Wobbuffet though, in its tail. In this sketch, it’s thought that Wobbuffet has a tiny skull located at the end of its tail, which is enough nightmare fuel for one day. 

Second up in this set of sketches, we have fellow psychic-type Girafarig, who apparently has not one but two brains. One in its head, and the other located in its Chain Chomp-looking tail. Does this mean it’s sentient on its own? More horrifying details of this Pokemon include the creature’s small intestines which are apparently “over ten times its body length.” 

Finally, we have Smeargle and honestly, I don’t want to talk much about Smeargle as the cursed Pokemon sketch implies that the creature’s intestinal tissue travels down the length of its tail where it meets its anal glands and “large rectum.” I don’t think I need or want, to say anything else about anatomically-correct Smeargle. 

This isn’t even the first time TheChristopherStoll has done this. Just four days earlier, the biologist did the same thing but this time with a Tyranitar (opens in new tab). As you’d expect, the dark/rock type Pokemon has a lot of muscle on its frame as well as an oblong brain to fit in its pointy skull. I would say I look forward to seeing more of these designs but frankly, I’m afraid of what the artist/biologist will come up with next. 

Need something to take your mind off these highly detailed but cursed illustrations? Take a look at our best Pokemon games list and see if your favorite made the cut. 

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