This master Elden Ring swordsman puts on a dazzling parry display

In what might be the best example of parrying skill in Elden Ring yet, a player has parried two opponents five times in under 30 seconds.

The new clip comes courtesy of streamer Oroboro, via the clip just below. You might think things aren’t looking good for the Elden Ring streamer, up against two players at once, but they quickly turn the tables, deftly parrying strike after strike, and following each one up with a devastating attack.

The Parry King is back 👑 4, 2022

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This is a staggering display of timing and execution in Elden Ring. Hell, at some point it’s hard to make out where the enemy attacks are coming from, so much is on the screen, so we can only imagine how much skill went into fending off two invading foes at once.

It’d be really interesting to know if this player has anything that buffs their parrying ability at all. Not that anything like that would diminish the stunning feat we’ve seen here, but it’d no doubt help those that are struggling to parrying rapid strikes from foes in Elden Ring.

This is just the latest in a very long line of impressive player feats in Elden Ring. Last month, a content creator managed to take down Malenia with nothing but a dance pad, truly giving their legs a workout, while another conquered the entire game using only the butt slam ability

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