This is not a drill, car Kirby has been modded into Mario Kart 8

Car Kirby has made his way into Mario Kart 8 with the help of mods, because of course he has. 

If you’re a Nintendo fan, or have just been active online over the last week, you’ll already be well aware of Car Kirby – also affectionately known as Carby – who debuted during the Nintendo February 2022 direct and very quickly became the focus of several ‘Mouthful Mode’ memes which we are still discovering almost a week later. 

As you’d expect, it really didn’t take long for someone to take Carby to the next level and mod him into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as a racer. This seriously impressive modification was pulled off by YouTuber RiazorMC (opens in new tab) who jokingly called the video ‘Mario Kart 9.’ 

In the video, we can see Carby, complete with a custom license plate and his little red feet dangling off the back, drift round a number of classic Mario Kart 8 tracks including Cloudtop Cruise, Rainbow Road, Toad Harbor, and more whilst listening to Kirby’s most recognized musical theme Gourmet Race. 

Unfortunately, for those dying to take Carby out for a spin, this racer isn’t actually available in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, we do have some good news for you about both Kirby and Mario Kart. Also announced during the Nintendo Direct last week, Mario Kart 8 will be getting 48 new courses over the next two years in the form of a Booster Course Pack. The first pack of courses will include classics such as Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii, Choco Mountain from Mario Kart N64, and Tokyo Blur from Mario Kart Tour. 

In other Kirby news, the next mainline game in the series Kirby and the Forgotten Land – aka the game with Car Kirby in it – is due to release in just a few weeks’ time on March 25, 2022. The 3D platformer will follow Kirby as the squidgy pink blob explores a desolate, albeit cute post-apocalyptic world whilst getting his chops around anything he can. 

Curious to know what else Nintendo has up its sleeve for the next year? Take a look at our list of upcoming Switch games to find out. 

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