This PS5 external hard drive is nearly at its lowest ever price

A PS5 external hard drive deal can prove to be an incredibly important and useful acquisition for your setup. It’s a surefire way to increase the number of games you can have within arms reach and is particularly important given we are still in the shadow of the PS4’s massive – and still very active – game library.

For the money, the best PS5 external hard drive is the WD_Black P50 SSD. It’s the closest you can get to basically having a super-fast internal SSD on the end of a USB cable attached to the outside of your console. And right now you can get it for just $189.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab). This is down from its list price of $249.99, and the lowest we’ve seen since August last year – even then, this hard drive was only $10 cheaper. This is exceptional value on an external drive that has the performance to give even the internal speedsters in the best PS5 SSD market a run for their money.

Externals hard drives provide a quality function, and there’s no better way to incorporate one into your setup than by going for the brand in Western Digital that PS5 Architect Mark Cerny clearly endorses. 

Now remember, while you may not be able to play PS5 games directly off the external drive like the P50, it does enable you to store them easily, and quick to shuffle them around – which is way quicker than re-downloading them all the time – and it’ll also provide the best of homes for your PS4 games, offering speedy load times and file-retrieval times.

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WD BLACK P50 SSD | 1TB | $249.99 $189.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $60This robust PS5 external hard drive is the best way to back up your digital library. Its read and write speeds are phenomenal, ensuring easy and fast copying. That sort of quality, with 1TB space, no less, usually comes at a premium – but not today in this PS5 external hard drive deal.

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