This Skyrim mod lets you trip over its more immersive rugs

A new Skyrim mod has brought a new level of immersion to the game by letting players place rugs and later trip over them.

The Rumbled Rugs mod was created ‘johnskyrim’ and is available to download via Nexus mods (opens in new tab). The purpose of this mod is to make Skyrim a “more immersive experience” as it adds over 50 new variants of rug meshes, all of which can be messed up and slipped on. A video demonstrating the mod can be found below, and it gets funnier the more you watch it. 

According to the mod’s description, all common rugs can be messed up and also fixed by the player when they interact with them. Also, just like in real life, the rugs will eventually become randomly unkempt again. This can happen over as little as a day but sometimes up to 2 weeks after they’ve been tidied.

The best part of this mod though is that once a messy rug is placed on the floor, there’s a 3% chance that the player and other NPCs will trip over it, literally falling flat on their face. The chances of this happening increase to 5% when running and to 7% when sprinting. If you’re desperate to not make a fool of yourself though, the mod’s creator has suggested sneaking or using the Light Foot perk as this will prevent you from tripping over the rugs 100% of the time. 

This is the second Skyrim mod we’ve seen this week that aims to make the game more realistic. A few days ago, it was discovered that another modder has found a way to let players accurately climb ladders, 11 years after Skyrim was first released. Better late than ever, I guess. 

Looking for other ways to spice up your game? Take a look at our best Skyrim mods list for inspiration. 

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