Ticket to Ride: San Francisco brings peace and love to the board game franchise

Ticket to Ride: San Francisco is the latest addition to the long-running series, and it’s a shorter version of the game that’s due to take the franchise west this summer. The game will be available exclusively from Target for $24.99 in June. It’ll then hit shelves worldwide in time for August.

Unlike the original Ticket to Ride (which saw players building routes across North America in what is often seen as one of the best board games), Ticket to Ride: San Francisco limits the action to the city itself. Described in the press release as a “travel-friendly board perfect for hotel patios and dining room tables alike”, sessions last up to 15 minutes and see between two to four players racing to collect souvenirs.

As with the other city-based games (such as London or New York), the vehicles you use in Ticket to Ride: San Francisco are an iconic sight across the area – in this case, you’re riding cable cars while visiting tourist spots like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Judging by the box art and its emphasis on “peace and love”, it also seems to be set during the 1970s.

Ticket to Ride: San Francisco game contents and components

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Thanks to more straightforward rules, this San Francisco version of Ticket to Ride promises to be a more accessible board game for families from ages eight and up. However, its replayable gameplay makes it a “uniquely strategic game that’s different every time you play”.

Although Ticket to Ride: San Francisco is exclusive to Target in the USA this June, the game will launch across the world (and in other US retailers) as of August 2022.

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