TikTok creator rehomes two Nintendogs after finding a lost game cartridge

Two lost Nintendogs got a second chance recently after a TikTok creator found the ‘abandoned’ DS cartridge on a train and decided to take it home. 

Spotted by Nintendo Life (opens in new tab), Black Labrador Enzo and Shiba Inu Tyson were found on a Nintendogs Labrador and Friends DS cartridge by  creator Bennyp on his way home. In a series of TikToks, the creator shares the story of how the two pups ended up in his care after he spotted the barely visible Nintendo DS cartridge on the floor of his train carriage. 

After concluding that it was in fact a game cartridge on the floor and taking it home, Ben initially tried to play it on his Nintendo DS Lite but, in his words, “no dice.” After giving the abandoned cartridge a little TLC, with the help of q-tips and rubbing alcohol, Ben was able to get the game up and running again – which is when he met his two new friends Tyson and Enzo. 

Like the responsible dog owner he clearly is, Ben then decided to give the dogs the care they needed after being left on a train for who knows how long. After a bowl of much needed dry food, the TikTok creator then decided to get to know the dogs more and very quickly realised that their last owner ‘Sean’ clearly wasn’t very fond of the pair due to only spending a total of 4 minutes with little Tyson. 

But what’s a heartwarming animal rescue story without a little heartbreak? A day or so after Tyson and Enzo’s rescue, Ben had the scare of his life when his Nintendo DS stopped recognisng the stray game. Not to worry though, as after restarting the handheld console and doing the ol’ blowing into the cartridge to make it work trick, Enzo and Tyson were back, safe and sound.

It’s been eleven years since the last Nintendogs game was released and I personally – a pet simulation Nintendo DS game enthusiast – think it’s high time that Nintendo re-released the original Nintendogs, or better yet, redesign the games for the Nintendo Switch or mobile. 

If you’re looking to reconnect with your long-lost Nintendogs, we recommend some other titles from our best dogs game list.

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