Injustice and former Wolverine writer Tom Taylor agrees to exclusive DC deal

Tom Taylor has signed an exclusive creator contract with DC, the Australian writer announced himself on Twitter Wednesday.

Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor (Image credit: DC)

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“I can’t wait to share everything we have planned for the future (you’ll see). Up, up and away,” Taylor tweeted (opens in new tab)

Announcements of exclusive creator contracts are not the news fodder they once were for DC and Marvel Comics (a factor in their dwindling rivalry) but the fan-favorite Taylor is a noteworthy ‘get’ for DC.

Taylor currently writes the ongoing DC series Nightwing and Superman: Son of Kal-El, as well as the limited series Dark Knights of Steel (opens in new tab) which is an alternate reality series featuring a medieval fantasy-like take on familiar DC characters and relationships. He also wrote DCeased (opens in new tab) a series of limited series featuring a zombie-like apocalypse in the DC Omniverse but that take place outside DC’s main continuity. 

Alternate (what DC sometimes calls ‘Elseworlds’) and outside-continuity spins on iconic superheroes is something of a specialty for Taylor, who also wrote numerous volumes of DC’s adaptation of the popular video game franchise Injustice (opens in new tab).

The Dark Ages cover

The Dark Ages cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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Taylor is also the writer of the current alternate reality series Dark Ages (opens in new tab) for Marvel Comics, which makes the timing of Taylor’s announcement an attention-grabber for the publisher. 

Taylor didn’t comment on his future DC plans other than his “Up, up and away” remark, which might suggest he’s staying on Superman: Son of Kal-El and/or has additional plans involving a Superman. 

Taylor recently wrote the high-profile story that featured Jon Kent/Superman coming out as bisexual

Taylor has had a varied career doing work for several comic book publishers such as Dark Horse and Boom! Studios. He is also the creator of The Deep (opens in new tab), a  creator-owned award-winning all-ages graphic novel series published through Gestalt Publishing that was adapted into an animated series for which Taylor serves as co-creator, head writer, and executive producer.

Tom Taylor told us how his and DC’s Injustice comic book adaptations surprised everyone including him and DC (opens in new tab).

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