Top Gun: Maverick first reactions call it a perfect sequel with “stunning” action sequences

Top Gun: Maverick has been described as the “perfect blockbuster” as its cinema release date approaches, and critics have begun sharing their first reactions online.

Paramount Pictures screened the sequel at CinemaCon in Las Vegas recently, just a few weeks before it’s set to be shown at Cannes Film Festival. After watching the film, journalists in attendance – and those who had seen it beforehand, too – took to social media to post their opinions, and it’s safe to say that all of them were overwhelming positive. 

Starring Tom Cruise, who’s back as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, the movie sees the legendary pilot forced to lead a new team of aspiring aviators, a position he’s actively tried to avoid for his entire Navy career.

Miles Teller, Danny Ramirez, Jon Hamm, Manny Jacinto, Monica Barbaro, Ed Harris, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, and Jennifer Connelly also star, while Val Kilmer is back as Maverick’s old nemesis, Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky. Joseph Kosinski directs.

“[Top Gun: Maverick] left me grinning ear to ear and immediately wanting to watch it again. ESSENTIAL big-screen viewing – hard to imagine there’ll be a more fun cinema trip this year,” Total Film’s deputy editor Matt Maytum (opens in new tab) said of the film, while editor-at-large Jamie Graham proved to be just a big a fan.

“Not sure it’s possible to make a more perfect sequel than Top Gun: Maverick,” he tweeted (opens in new tab). “If you like the original, this is everything you’ve waited 36 years for, balancing nostalgic call-backs with a fresh, dynamic plot and STUNNING aerial photography. Totes emosh, too. I’ll be stunned if there’s a better blockbuster this year.”

Fandango’s Nikki Novak piled on the praise, writing: “Just saw #TopGunMaverick at #CinemaCon – goodness gracious. Might be the best movie in 10 years. Thrills & chills, tears & cheers. Is unparalleled. It exceeds anything you could imagine. EXTRAORDINARILY tense. PERFECTION. [Miles Teller] crushes.”

Fandango’s Erik Davis (opens in new tab), too, gushed: “One word: Wow! #TopGunMaverick is absolutely terrific in every conceivable way. The action & flying is crazy intense & continually changes & evolves. You’re on the edge of your seat. I was not prepared for how emotional it was, too. The crowd cheered a dozen times. It’s real deal.

“Folks, trust me when I say this is a legitimately GREAT film. Whatever your plans are for Memorial Day weekend, make #TopGunMaverick a part of them. I think I cried the whole friggin’ movie because I’m such a dork. Loved the cast, and it’s another classic performance @TomCruise.”

Absolutely loved #TopGunMaverick. Blown away by the cinematography and flying scenes and of course @TomCruise’s performance. Rest of the cast was great with special props to @Miles_Teller and @glenpowell. This is the kind of movie you want to see on the biggest screen possible. 28, 2022

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“Perfection. 10/10. Not one single negative comment from this fan girl! No spoilers either. It gives you a nod to the old and looks ahead. Fucking perfect,” entertainment writer Toni Gonzales (opens in new tab) said.

We Live Entertainment’s Scott Menzel (opens in new tab) wrote: “Top Gun Maverick is going to completely blow away fans of the original and may even make some new ones along the way. Truthfully, even though the plot is very dependent on that of the original, I found the film to be better than the original in almost every way.”

“TOP GUN MAVERICK is fantastic. The directing is insane with a nice grounded and emotional story. Action sequences that will keep your heart racing,” YouTuber Benito Donato (opens in new tab) posted. “Tom Cruise is the GOAT!! Watch this on the biggest screen when it comes out.”

Donato wasn’t the only vlogger who enjoyed the movie, either. Shaurya Chawla (opens in new tab) added: “TOP GUN: MAVERICK is a lot of fun, loaded to the brim with some jaw-dropping flight sequences (Tom Cruise is really a madman for some of this), tons of nostalgic callbacks to the first and a few surprisingly emotional beats. See it on the biggest, loudest screen.”

Top Gun: Maverick releases in cinemas on May 27. While we wait, check out our roundup of the best action movies for some viewing inspiration.

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