Trek to Yomi continues to channel Ghost of Tsushima, and its launching this Spring

Trek to Yomi just got a brand new trailer with a Spring 2022 release window.

Earlier today on March 9, Devolver Digital debuted a new trailer for the samurai action epic Trek to Yomi at a PlayStation State of Play showcase. The trailer, which you can see for yourself just below, sets out the story of the new game developed by Flying Wild Hog, and crucially reveals the new release window of Spring 2020, meaning there shouldn’t be long to wait until we can play this for ourselves.

Chiefly, we get a good look at the set up of the story for Trek to Yomi. It appears our protagonist is sidelined and drawn away from their home village, during which a ruthless leader attacks and slaughters citizens while they’re gone. This leads our hero on a journey of revenge, which means cutting through swarms of bandits and other enemies in the process.

Trek to Yomi was first announced nearly a year ago. Back in June 2021, publisher Devolver Digital revealed the side-scrolling action game for launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles alike. So don’t worry, although the new Trek to Yomi trailer showed up at a PlayStation-hosted event, it’s actually coming to PC and Xbox consoles as well.

Elsewhere in the new showcase, we saw two brand new action-RPGs from Square Enix (neither of which were Final Fantasy 16, unfortunately), and a new dinosaur-shooting IP from Capcom. We know that sounds a suspicious amount like Dino Crisis, but Capcom is letting the old series lie dormant, bringing us a brand new action-packed shooter instead.

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