Triangle Strategy demo leads to a ton of player requested changes

Triangle Strategy has a laundry list of changes coming in response to player feedback from its pre-release demo earlier this year.

Nintendo briefly outlined the tweaks coming to the Switch-exclusive tactical RPG in its big September Nintendo Direct presentation, and now it’s shared the full list of changes in a post to the official Nintendo UK site. According to Square Enix, about a quarter of a million players submitted survey responses after playing the demo, and the developers got straight to work.

Some of the biggest changes include a new option to let players instantly retry battles without needing to back out and reload, load times reduced by about 10 seconds “in notable scenes” (with the aim of even further reductions by launch), and improved camera controls to let you adjust the zoom level on a more granular level. Changes to the tactical interface will let you plan out attacks by displaying the enemy’s initiative order right on the map and showing exactly where your character will end up at the end of special attacks.

The list is lengthy, and these are only the changes that are relevant to the small slice of the game that Square Enix was showing off before: “Based on these survey results, users have high expectations for the game’s story, the personalities of the characters, and the system for leveling up and improving characters in tactical strategy games. These are elements you may not have been able to enjoy fully in the Debut Demo,” Triangle Strategy producers Yasuaki Arai and Tomoya Asano said in the update.

“However, in the final version of Triangle Strategy, you will be able to experience the events leading up to the invasion and what happens after you make specific decisions. The story will branch out in various ways, and many unique characters will enter the story. We hope you’ll look forward to it.”

Hopefully, these changes help Triangle Strategy earn a spot on our guide to the best RPGs after it’s released on March 4, 2022.

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