Turns out Bloodbornes infamous 30FPS PS4 cap can be overcome with a few lines of code

After nearly a decade of FromSoftware games stuttering on PS4 consoles, a hacker has provided what could be a fix for the issue.

Earlier today, Digital Foundry (opens in new tab) published an extensive report detailing rumors it had heard of hacked FromSoftware games beating 30FPS stutters. On PS4 at least, FromSoftware games are infamous for stuttering, from Bloodborne, through to Dark Souls 3 and even Elden Ring.

Digital Foundry reveals that FromSoftware codes a 30FPS cap into all of its games on PS4, but unfortunately it’s this cap that generates the stuttering on the console. As such, a hacker called Illusion has attempted to fix this issue on the PS4 by rewriting lines of code to remove the cap entirely. 

Getting the cap to actually work is where the real trickery begins, though. Digital Foundry reveals you need to have a PS4 console with a software version of 9.0 or older, which actually requires a USB stick to install an exploit while the PS4 itself is running through a web browser.

From there though, you need to “dump and decrypt the games you’re patching before installing them on your hacked machine,” according to the outlet. Once you’ve done this, you can actually go about installing the “fix” that Illusion has come up with to get around FromSoftware’s 30FPS cap in its PS4 games. 

We’d highly recommend reading the full Digital Foundry report on the new hack for more concrete details. It’s a truly excellent breakdown from the tech experts, delving into why FromSoftware’s 30FPS cap for last-generation platforms is more problematic than you might think, as well as whether Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake was successful in subverting this with a new approach.

Otherwise, you can check out our best Elden Ring armor locations and sets guide for a full rundown of where to find the best gear in FromSoftware’s latest game. 

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