Uncharted is reportedly set to become a franchise, as Sony tries to secure Tom Holland for sequels

Uncharted is to be the first in a franchise, a new report detailing Sony’s upcoming releases has suggested.

According to a write-up from The Ankler (opens in new tab), the studio is allegedly looking to secure a deal with Marvel star Tom Holland, who played video game character Nathan Drake in the 2022 adaptation, in regards to a sequel and beyond. The publication also claimed that Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman “seemed excited” about the prospect of another installment in his President’s Day memo to colleagues.

“Yes, Uncharted is a franchise now,” reads a snippet of the breakdown. “Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a sequel, but the film did pretty respectable pandemic business, taking in $400 million worldwide, and Holland has discussed the likelihood of a sequel in past interviews. 

“The studio has been unusually quiet, but seeing as how Uncharted is currently the third-highest-grossing video game adaptation domestically, and the fourth-highest-grossing worldwide, you can safely assume another Nathan Drake adventure is in the works.”

Based on the Naughty Dog video game series, Uncharted sees Holland’s Drake team up with Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), an old acquaintance of his long-lost brother, to track down the lost fortune of Ferdinand Magellan. They’re not the only ones after the gold, though, and the pair soon find themselves in a dangerous race to find it before Antonio Banderas’ ruthless treasure hunter Santiago Moncada. Tati Gabrielle and Sophia Ali round out the cast, while Ruben Fleischer directs.

The Uncharted post-credits scene seemed to tease that our time with Nate and Sully wasn’t over. In it, Nate meets with a man working for Gabriel Roman, a baddie lifted from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, offering his ring for a “Nazi map” he has. Roman goes to betray Nate, but Sully – now sporting his iconic moustache – saves him just in the nick of time. The twosome escape, but are caught by an unseen figure.

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