V Rising hits 1 million players after just a week

V Rising has hit one million players exactly one week after its Steam launch.

The game’s official Twitter account confirmed (opens in new tab) the milestone earlier today. “1,000,000 Vampires have risen from their slumber,” the announcement reads. “Thank you all for being part of this achievement!”

V Rising quickly rocketed to the top of Steam’s best-seller list and went on to sell 500,000 copies in just three days. That pace has barely changed, with developer Stunlock Studios, previously best known for Battlerite, selling another 500,000 copies in the four days since. 

V Rising’s explosive launch has slowed slightly in the past few days, but only in the way that a rocket might technically slow down as it punches through layers of our atmosphere. According to Steam Charts, its 24-hour player peak is 135,042, putting it firmly in the storefront’s most-played games and only slightly behind its all-time peak of 150,645. 

At the time of writing, V Rising is sitting at 124,572 concurrent players, putting it at Steam’s number seven right behind Destiny 2, which is currently celebrating the launch of the Season of the Haunted and the release of Solar 3.0 – both big draws for what’s already one of Steam’s biggest games. 

V Rising’s runaway success caught Stunlock Studios somewhat off-guard, and the devs are still working to take control of the suddenly massive game in some ways. The studio is currently working to develop better in-game tools for censoring and moderating in order to “fight harassment and discrimination,” for example.

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